Review / Reputation management

Reputation has become an increasingly important aspect of every business’s online presence. If a person is comparing two companies, the one with the higher rating and more reviews will win out more often than not. We can help you out-review your competition.


In our quest to require as little effort from you as possible, we have eliminated as many steps from this process as possible. You simply finish the job for a customer, tap a button and the system will email the customer requesting a review.

That’s it! The rest is done for you!

Only The Good

Getting more 5 star reviews is all well and good, but a pesky 1 star review or two and all that hard work is undone.

Luckily our system funnels potentially negative reviews to a private feedback form where only you receive the information. This mitigates the possibility of a misunderstanding having a long-lasting effect on your business. You can then privately assist these potential sour grapes and turn them into happy customers.

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