Lead tracking

Never miss another lead! Leads can easily get lost in the ever-growing forest of emails, and who has time to sort through all of those? Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to get an instant notification on your phone?


We’re all glued to our cell phones whether we want to be or not so we decided to harness this accessibility and give you instant access to your leads. Studies show the best time to convert a new lead is within 10 minutes of them submitting their information.

Our system will notify you when a new lead comes in and you can instantly call that person back before they have a chance to cool off.

Tracking Performance

Data is king nowadays, and metrics can help spur dramatic improvement. Each initial call back is logged along with the time it takes you to respond. This information is critical in helping you assess your lead follow-up and conversion performance.

You can also add team members and measure their follow up time to ensure they’re hustling at an acceptable clip.

Ready to get started?

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